Integrated Campaign Design and Film/TV post-production services | Digital Marketing, Video Production, Video Editing, Visual Effects, 2D Animation Intros, Infographics,  TV Music composition, Radio Spot production, Sound Design, and Audio Mix Down (Mono, Stereo, 2.1, Quad, and 5.1)

A new section of this website covers the latest add-on media technology, tutorials, free assets online, and a link to the new AudioVideo361 blog that spots and posts free plugins, free scripts, free motion graphics, free templates, and other free post-production toys online - Check it out


> Visual Design/Production:

            - Campaign Design | Digital & Print
            - TV Commercial | Production - Video Editing - Color Grading    
            - Animation/Infographics 

> Audio Production & Post:

            Audio Editing/Engineering
            - Music Editing/Licensing        
            - Mixing, Re-Mixing/Mastering          

> Media & Retail Music Tracks:

            - Film & TV Soundtrack Composition
            - Radio Spot Production                           
            - Retail & Club Music Provider

> Certified Adobe Education

           Providing Intensive short courses @SAE Institute in: 

            - Adobe Creative Cloud: Pr, Ae, An, Fu, Au, Sg, Br/Ps, Lr, & AME 
            - Visual Design/Video Editing/Motion Graphics
            - Music Composition & Sound Design                       

      Adobe Team Project Collaboration

                   - With the announcement of Adobe Team Projects; you can now share your sessions with me via my SAE Institute/Adobe account for any extended help in video editing, color grading, animation, and design. We will be working as a team on one project in real-time. For further info and instructions, feel free to email me or visit


About the Artist:

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